The Hasturian Campaign

The Geas is lifted!

Continuing in search of the Gem of Yagatuk the party continued the exploration of the dungeon levels underneath the ruined castle of the Archmage Balthazar. They found a storage room containing barrells of ale and wine. Strangely none of the barrels were taken by the kobold or orc patrols from other levels. Also in this room was another of the recesed platforms with the label “SL II” on the wall and a dial with several settings and a button{the ‘teleport’ platform).

After reaching the area indicated by Theik’s magic, they opened a room revealing a withered figure speaking to himself and holding a red gem, t he gem of Yagatek!!! As it approached the party Darion and Elric fired several arrows and Urk struck it with a sword to no effect. Theik’s magic missiles did cause it pain. When it moved to grab Urk, it stumbled and slipped on it’s robe and it reached out with his other hand (GM rolled ‘1’ to hit not once but twice.) Urk then leapt on top and kept the creature pinned until the others could tie him up. Urk and the others placed a desk from the room on top of him while Darion grabbed the gem and threw it to Theik.

The creature seemed confused and complained of hunger. A search of the room revealed a golden and silver statute of Fortuna the goddess of luck, some ivory dice in a silf bag, a smattering of treasure, and a deck of card. After searching the room, Juarez killed the creature with the enchanted mace he recovered from the orc leader Orcanus. When Theik held the gem a jumble of the thoughts inside his head. His mind struggled to make sense of it, but he was able to pull it together and was able to read the thoughts of the party.

The party found the tavern/gambling hall for the garrison. A search of the room found several pewter mugs and a wand behind the bar in a locked case, which Elric picked. Theik tested the wand in the corridor and found that it created a random effect, surrounding him with a protective bubble with fresh air and a comfortable temperature.

In a hurry to return the gem to the Swift Rvier tribe, the decision was made to immediately leave the dungeon. On the way back Urk and Pinky fell into a pit trap, and weer wounded. After climbing out of the pit the party made it back to their camp without incident. At the camp During the night Elric and States noticed a group of cyclopskin moving through the night. Elric screamed for the others to awaken which drew them to the camp. Urk called to them in Ogre. The monsters demanded treasure. Darion responded with an arrow to the leader. There was a brief battle in which Urk cleaved one of them in twain. Theik also attemped to use his bubble wand to attack which slowed them a great deal. Theik found himself surrounded by small bubbles rendering him invisible.

The next day was misearble as the party traelled through pouring rain to the warcamp of the Swift River Tribe. That night was cold and wet but otherwise quiet. TTheik had a restless sleep due to half remberered nightmares. Darion was alittle under he weather as they reached the goblin warcamp. The party was given a hero’s welcome. The gem was given to the cheif and was immediately given to the young boy




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