• Darion Valaer

    Darion Valaer

    Human Archer/ Former Brigand
  • Elric


    Half-elven theif and member of the Fellowship of the Crows
  • Juarez


    Human Templar (Cleric)
  • Theik Aurthawist

    Theik Aurthawist

    He is a mage of strange caliber that has a knack for biology and never strays from a fight, weight:200 height:6"0, Hair:black,eyes:red,age:24
  • Urk


    Half-orc Barbarian
  • Ayo Nonat

    Ayo Nonat

    King of Hastur
  • Baron Torin Cumbran

    Baron Torin Cumbran

    Baron of Cumbria, Earl of Targallion
  • Barraka


    Prime Assassin of the Scarlet Brotherhood
  • Braxalus


    Leader of the Brotherhood of the Brotherhood of the Spear in Telar
  • Calderino


    Member of the Brotherhood of the Spear in Telar
  • Econ Levorato

    Econ Levorato

    Templar Curate in Telar
  • Egon Feral

    Egon Feral

    One-eyed scarred Kennelmaster of the Baron of Cumbria
  • Etel Sentel AKA Cordon Goldeneyes

    Etel Sentel AKA Cordon Goldeneyes

    Legendary Gnome Archmage - Artificer
  • Inquisitor Marie Duvilliard

    Inquisitor Marie Duvilliard

    An inquisitor sent by the church to investigate Templar Juarez's role in the death of the Castellan of the Barony of Cumbria
  • Jean Grolet

    Jean Grolet

    A Marshal working for the King of Greater Hastur
  • Pinky


    a strong and agressive goblin with a knack for witty comments
  • Sir Rowland Cooper

    Sir Rowland Cooper

    Castellan and Sheriff for the Barony of Cumbria
  • States the Obvious

    States the Obvious

    A LN goblin from the Swift River Tribe who always states things that are obvious, usually while they are happening.
  • Tem Bert

    Tem Bert

    Leader of the Crows in Telar