Theik Aurthawist

He is a mage of strange caliber that has a knack for biology and never strays from a fight, weight:200 height:6"0, Hair:black,eyes:red,age:24


Carries a 1-6 staff,Sir Rowland’s sword 1-8,Wand of minor conjuration,Wand of bubblet(calgan),


Theik, the young prodigy son of two profound mages in the mages guild. While on an errand for magical compound material the family is stopped by a sudden smell in the air. The stench is foul and riddled with death, Theik’s parents Dormir and Sanguin tell their son to run as fast as he could. But young Theik was in shock of what he saw, his eyes were gazed on the eyes of a dark beast, his eyes were as red as the blood of the innocent and his scales were as black as the knight. Young Theik was paralyzed with fear and couldn’t make out what his parents were saying but what he could hear he heard clearly, “you have made a promise in blood that one day your boy is mine, and that day is today so you can’t run while I dine”, these words meant nothing to the young boy but he knew that they were bad. As the creature rears it’s giant head it unleashes a devastating black smoke, Dormir and Sanguin tried their best to save Theik but no amount of magic would do, so they died saving their boy. Young Theik wakes not having any memory of his parents but has a strange feeling that his eyes were green not red. But what he does notice is that he is in the house of a fellow member of the mages guild. The man that had taken him in was named Balizar. Theik is unaware of what hapened but is glad to be taken as Balizar’s apprentice. So young Theik is traveling through life only knowing a fraction of the truth.

Theik Aurthawist

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