Barony of Cumbria

Cumbria small

Nation: Greater Hastur


Ruler: Baron Torin Cumbran

General Alignment: LN

Located on the northern shores of the Calahan River between the City of Trafalgar and the City of Telar. The barony has several small villages and hamlets overseen by knights and lesser lords owing fealty to Baron Cumbran. The Baron himself lives in Castle Brian, the ancestral home of the Cumbran family. The castle is surrounded by the village, called Brian village by it’s inhabitants.

Castle brian

The barony is supported by fees on the roads between Telar and Trafalgar, agriculture (mostly wheat, corn, and cattle), and a growing lumber industry. The harvesting of Targallion forest has caused some conflict with the elves there.


The Sheriff of Cumbria was ‘assassinated’ by elven extremists. The Baron has declared war on the elves of Targallion forest. The Baron sent small crews of lumberjacks and troops. They picked fights with elven settlements. The resulting fight resulted in human loses. The deaths resulted in support for the war from the Seracian church, the people, and the nearby nobles.

The Earl of Vernon and the Baron of Crecy have pledged troops to join the fight. There have been several subsequent massacres of elven villages. Only the density of the forest and the guerrilla tactics of the high elven tribes have slowed down the Baron.

The Grey Elves have sent their elite elk calvary to aid the high elves. In addition, a large mobile force from the faerie lands are en route to join the fight (traveling by sea to Larentia)

Barony of Cumbria

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