Fellowship of the Crows

The Thieves Guild of Trafalgar. It is run by Master Thief Malcolm the Miser. Members are known as “Crows” to their face, “Crooked Jays” behind their backs. They are friendly with the local chapter of the Scarlet Brotherhood (Assassin’s Guild). They have no affiliation with any other thieves guild, but it’s identity is knownn through out Hastur, Ceylon, Jalmaar, and the Seracian Empire.

Guild Membership

Membership is mandatory for anyone who attempts to steal in and around Trafalgar. The Crows reach goes as far as Telar to the south and the Barony of Crecy to the East. Members of other thieves guilds of Thief status or higher may operate on a mission by mission basis as long as an agreement is reached with Master Malclom.

Punishment for 1st time offenders is relatively light; a fee equal to a 25% share. A 2nd offense is punished by a total forfeiture of the take, a beating, and a brand on the chest of the offender. Whenver a thief outside the guild is caught, their shirt is opened to reveal the existence (or not) of the brand. A third offense is punished by the removal of a finger. A forth offense is ounishable by death.

A smart rogue realizes that all punishments are negotiable. No crow worth his or her salt will turn down a chance to make some money on the side. The trick is to make sure that the crow keeps to his or her part of the bargain. As long as the offender has not yet been branded, these deals are overlooked. Once someone has been branded, however, the offender must be brought in front of a Thief or higher guild member.

Guild Membership Titles

Below is a list of the different positions within the guild and the approximate level at which they are gained. Promotions are based on following guild rules, completing assignments, and paying the appropiate dues, fees, and cut.

  1. Apprentice — Newcomers which have the right to pay dues and gain access to equipment not sold to the general public or otherwise tightly regulated (such as lock picks and greek fire). They still must prove themselves in order to gain full membership.
  2. Footpad – Having survived one or more encounters, the footpad is officially a member of the guild. A footpad has to pay a percentage of each ‘take’ and is expected to accept any missions.
  3. Cutpurse – A cutpurse has to pay a percentage of each ‘take’. They only have to accept missions from a Sharper, Thief, Master Burglar, or Master Thief.
  4. Journeyman — These rogues are allowed access to the guild library and all equipment for sale at guild stores. They still have to accept missions from a Thief, Master Burglar, or Master Thief.
  5. Burglar — A burglar has earned the right to keep what they take as long as they pay regular guild dues. Can turn down assignments for a fee. Assigned to an individual Master Burglar.
  6. Filcher – A Filcher is able to assign missions and work to apprentices and footpads. Given assignments by a Master Thief only.
  7. Sharper – A senior member of the guild, able to assign missions. Can make agreements of protection from guild members and able to keep a cut of the agreements.
  8. Thief – A member of the local guild’s ruling council, able to take on an apprentice and give missions to footpads and cutpurses as well.
  9. Master Burglar — A master burglar has the right to operate outside the guild for an annual cost. Directly works with the Burglars
  10. Master Thief – A master thief has the right to found their own guild.

Fellowship of the Crows

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