Human Religion

Most of the continent worships the gods of the Seracian and Derkonian church. They were once part of a single church but when the Great Imperial capital was destroyed and the empire was split into the Derkonian Empire and the Seracian Empire, the churches split as well.

Greater and Lesser Hastur, the Seracian Empire, and the City-States of Ceylon are affiliated with the Seracian Church. The arm of the Seriacian Church is the Templar Order and they have offices or temples in most major cities.

Jalmaar and thr City-State of Thalen have no formal affiliation with either church. The Pharneican Empire worships the goddess of the sea. The Derkonian church is part of the Derkonian Empire.

The Drakkon tribesman worship the Norse gods. There is no enmity between the two factions of gods. There are tales of nations to the west that worship brother and sister gods of the Imperial churches

Human Religion

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