Population: approx. 4500 Align. NG Location: Earldom of Telford – Greater Hastur
Goods: Lumber, Finished Goods, River Barges, Wagons, Ale.

The town of Telar lies on the Calajan River and is the home of the Earl of Telford. The town actually consists of two separate walled settlements; a docks area on the banks of the river and a settlement surrounding the keep of the original lord.


The Human Gods are worshiped here. The main temple is dedicated to the river goddess Raylia, but has altars of all the major gods. There is also a separate temple dedicated to Ares. There is an attached monastery, home of the Brotherhood of the Spear. They will train anyone in the art of war for 10 GP week, 8 GP week for regular worshippers, 5 GP per week for Templars.

Services and Tradesman Available in the Docks Area

Boatwright – small watercraft are made, barges and shallow draft boats, Blacksmith – General goods, Butcher, Carter/Teamster Guild – a transportation shop where wagons are rented out, drivers and animals usually if not always supplied, Cooper – a shop in which barrels are made, Cartwright – a place where simple carts are made and sold.
Dry Goods – a place where textiles and other finished products are sold. Also travelling rations, Fish Monger – a seller of fish – Murray Fishman, Rope maker, Wheel Maker.

Food and Lodging in the Docks Area

Hammer’s Nest – a public house for entertainment and lodging of travelers. Simple meal of cheese and bread included. Costs – common room (straw pallets) 6 CP, 8 person room 4 SP each bed, 1 single room with 4 beds 1 GP total (no meals). Run by “Hammer” Fergusson – CN – F – 3rd (ex-guardsman) – family aids – Wife, 2 daughters, and dad Fergus Henrichson.

Mermaids Tale – Tavern catering to dockworkers. Attached to Brewery. Heavy meals (stews/soups) available 2 SP, variety of ales 2 CP to 1 SP, some wine 5 SP. Rooms available at cost of 5 SP each (2 beds each, 1 SP for each person over 2 in room).

Stable – Horses 2 SP day, other animals 1 SP each.

Services and Tradesman Available in the Town

Ale House/Brewery, Armorer /Metal, Armorer/Non-metal/Leather Goods, Bakery, Barber – baths for 1 SP shaves 3 CP, Blacksmith – Wiskar Mutter – General goods and basic weapons, Bookshop/Cartographer/Scrivner,Brass smith, Butcher, Button maker, Carpenters Guild – Provides general construction and woodworking, Carpenter (Furniture) – Carpenter who specializes in making furniture, Chandler – one who makes candles, lanterns, etc. Lamp oil also sold here, Cobbler, Copper smith, Cutler – a place for making and selling and repairing knives, Dairy, Dentist, Distillery, Draper – a seller of cloth of all types, Dress maker, Falconer, Boyer/Fletcher, Furrier, General store – a place where a wide variety of goods are sold – 10 % mark-up, Glass blower, Grocer, Herbalist – a place where rare herbs are sold. Can also find spell components, Kennel, Leather Shop, Limner/Painter – a sign maker, Locksmith, Mason Guild, Potter, Poulterer – poultry is sold here (dead and alive), Sage, Seamstress, Silversmith, Stable and livery, Tanner, Thatcher’s Guild – a place where thatch roof makers can be hired, Tinker/Tin Smith – a unspecialized fixer or maker of small common items and where tin items are made, repaired and sold, Wainwright – wagons are made and repaired here, Weaver, Wine merchant.

Food and Lodging in the Town

Royal Inn – High quality inn for wealthy merchants. For single room 1 GP per night. 2 Person room for 2 GP, 5 SP for each person over 2 (no more than 4). Price includes breakfast of eggs, bread and cheese. Meals availible in the common room costing 8 SP to 1 GP. Some of the wealthy town craftsman occasionally eat here as well.

Tavern- Broken Stallion

Hostel – Run by the temple.


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