The Hasturian Campaign

The Aftermath

Part 1 of 2

The passage out of the dungeons of Castle Brian led Elric and Theik to a path running between the Calahan river and eastern fortifications. They made their way west along the road back to the main gates of the town. Theik and Elric talked their way into town, although as a half-elf Elric had to pay 5 CP instead of 1 CP. After returning to the inn to fill in Darion and Pinky, Theik left the others to meet with Barraka in the local Tavern. Darion was unsuccessful in securing a horse or mule and carried the statue of Fortuna on his back.

Barraka laughed when Theik told him that he had killed Sir Roland. Barraka decided to trust Theik (who rolled VERY high) and explained that Sir Roland was the bastard son of the Baron. Sir Roland had hired him to kill Thomas Cumbran, his half-brother and Baron’s recognized heir. Sir Roland then decided to cut out Barraka and make a separate deal with the Tallen Wood Goblin Tribe. When Annmarie freed young Lord Thomas it made the Baron suspect that someone on the inside was involved. When the party brought back Marlena and the Baron found out that there were still goblins within the tower of Sir Memphis, he realized that it was Sir Roland who had captured is own half-brother. Barraka explained that the Baron striking Sir Roland in public was his way of telling Sir Roland he was aware of his crime.

Barraka went on to explain that by killing Sir Roland, Theik and Elric had done the Baron a favor. Although he undoubtedly loved his son, he had a duty to severely punish or even execute him. Killing a family member, as Sir Roland was planning on doing, was one of the most heinous of all acts. His death relieved the Baron of deciding what to do with him. The Baron also has had continuing problems with the elves of the Targallion forest. Since the King had granted him the title of the Earl of Targallion the elves have interfered with the Baron harvesting lumber and game. Since he could now blame the death of his Castellan and Sheriff on Elric, an elf, he would be able to declare war on the elves.

Barraka was also worried about Urk. When Theik explained that he was still in the castle, Barraka stated that he would get word to Urk and get him out of the castle. One of the Baron’s men let Urk out of the castle and told him “tell Barraka that we are even”. Urk met with the rest of the party who camped an hour outside of town.

Still in the castle, Juarez was awakened by the sound of yelling and arms within the castle. He was seized and taken before the Baron. The Baron threatened him and ordered him thrown into the dungeon. He was placed alone in a dark cell with two pans, one for food and one for “slops”. He was left alone to decide which was which.

During the night the remainder of the party was attacked by a large insect-like creature that burst up from the ground (ankheg). It grabbed Urk within its powerful grip, but he was able to escape. Darion, on watch inside a tree, fired several arrows into the creature. Elric ended the fight with a cry of “calgon!” and a random blast from his bubble wand resulted in a bubble forming inside the head of the monster, expanding until it exploded (roll of 99 – used 3 charges – save vs. death or die, else 5d4 damage). Urk collected some of the chitin of the ankheg to see if armor could be made.

The next morning Darion came back into town to find out what happened to Juarez. The whole village was at the gallows. The Baron made an impassioned call for war against the elves. The people, angered by the idea that someone would accept the hospitality of their lord and then kill a member of the household (a great wrong and an affront to the gods), cheered. The Baron then made a public call for his knights to raise their banners amd answer his call to fight the elves. Darion, Elric, Theik, and Pinky then left for Telar, leaving Juarez in the dungeons of Castle Brian.



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