The Hasturian Campaign

The battle for Swift River Village

The goblin militia's finest hour

With one week to prepare the party had to convert 100 elite goblin warriors (hunters and warriors) armed with short bows, 100 goblin veterans armed with various weapons and 100 young goblins with little training into an army. They also had 40 wolf riders, 40 wolves, 6 leader goblins, a subcheiftain and 40 bodyguards, 40 bugbears, 1 bugbear champion, a goblin shaman, goblin chief and bugbear chief.

Through interrogation they knew the invaders were grimlocks, sightless creatures relying on sound and smell. Smoke could be used to confuse their scent and blind any sighted creature. The spell ghost sounds couldnbe used to lure them into the different parts of the village.

They decided on a strategy of blocking the secret entrance with the mud of several huts, limiting the attackers to one path. The existing gate walls were placed to protect the main cave from the remaining entrance and force the invaders through the wolf cave to reach the main cavern. The noncombat goblins would hide in the farming cavern guarded by the protector, the wolf master, and the riderless wolves. Pit traps and flaming oil would be used in the hunter cavern to slow and damage the enemy. The fences from the wolf pens would slow the advance and give the militia a chance to attack relatively safely through the fences before backing up under the fences to the next fence.

Urk and Pinky trained the goblin militia in spear warfare. Darion Valaer and Elric supervised the digging of spiked pits covered in goblin grass and saturating sections of ground with flasks of oil. Theik Aurthawist supervised taking down the fences of the wolf penfence.creating the series of fences. Juarez helped the females and youth with tearing down huts and using the materials block the secret door and create a bottleneck at the entrance to the farming cavern. The chief supervised moving of the gates.

20140824_203041.jpg The battle field.

The battle was fought using Battlesystem 1st edition rules..

20140824_203316.jpg The entrance cavern

Two pits were dug right inside the entrance with a flammable section behind to drive anyone toward the pits. Both the fire pit and the flaming oil were a source for pyrotechnics. 50 militia, led by Pinky stood behind the first gate at the exit to the wolf cavern. The remaining were held in reserve. The bugbears waited in silence behind the first wall. Darion and Theik stood on top of the wall. Juarez stood in reserve with the wolf riders at the entrance to the farming cavern. Urk was embedded in the veteran goblins being the second wall. Elric was hidden in the huts of the hunters in the entrance cavern with 30 goblin archers. The remaining archers were with the x the unknown, a goblin hero or with Darion on the wall.

As Deadeye ran into the cavern



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