The Hasturian Campaign

The fateful rescue

After returning from the archmage’s castle, Pinkywas sent a message from the shaman of the Swift River Tribe They needed his help. The group made it to the a rope bridge that led to a very small village. Chief Speaks the Truth met them and asked for help recovering an expedition that traveled to the lost goblin city and was captured by the mind flayer’s troops. The young boy Timmy, States the Obvious and the gem of yagatek were among the losses.

The party agreed to help , only to find out that the village they stood in was a false village. The actual village was behind a secret door leading to a serious of large connected caverns. The village contained approx 250 female, elderly and children goblins, 100 young goblins, 250 male goblins, 100 wolves (40 as steeds) and a small tribe of 40 bugbears.

The party went to the ancient goblin city and located a old tower/prison near the walls of the city. Along with deadeye, a female hunter they snuck into the prison. The hobgoblin guards were killed and they escaped with several goblins (States included) and a dwarf captive. Urk tossed the prisoners to the wall and made the jump himself. Fleeing the battle horns and screeches of grimlocks, they fled the city to return to the hidden village.

After a celebration involving goblin wine and honorary titles’ Theik awoke to find himself in bed with a goblin female (at least an attractive one by goblin standards) . The village also found that the Village Armsmaster (and sub chieftain) was murdered in his bed. A short investigation by Theik Aurthawist and Pinky discovered that States, now under the control of the mind flayer’s domination, had killed him.

The party has rescued him before he could be released to fake an escape, return to the village and kill the leadership. This was to be the precursor to the a raid of the village by the masters of the “master”. The village had one week to prepare and the party was asked to help. Pinky asked for help and the preperations began.



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