The Hasturian Campaign

The battle for Swift River Village
The goblin militia's finest hour

With one week to prepare the party had to convert 100 elite goblin warriors (hunters and warriors) armed with short bows, 100 goblin veterans armed with various weapons and 100 young goblins with little training into an army. They also had 40 wolf riders, 40 wolves, 6 leader goblins, a subcheiftain and 40 bodyguards, 40 bugbears, 1 bugbear champion, a goblin shaman, goblin chief and bugbear chief.

Through interrogation they knew the invaders were grimlocks, sightless creatures relying on sound and smell. Smoke could be used to confuse their scent and blind any sighted creature. The spell ghost sounds couldnbe used to lure them into the different parts of the village.

They decided on a strategy of blocking the secret entrance with the mud of several huts, limiting the attackers to one path. The existing gate walls were placed to protect the main cave from the remaining entrance and force the invaders through the wolf cave to reach the main cavern. The noncombat goblins would hide in the farming cavern guarded by the protector, the wolf master, and the riderless wolves. Pit traps and flaming oil would be used in the hunter cavern to slow and damage the enemy. The fences from the wolf pens would slow the advance and give the militia a chance to attack relatively safely through the fences before backing up under the fences to the next fence.

Urk and Pinky trained the goblin militia in spear warfare. Darion Valaer and Elric supervised the digging of spiked pits covered in goblin grass and saturating sections of ground with flasks of oil. Theik Aurthawist supervised taking down the fences of the wolf penfence.creating the series of fences. Juarez helped the females and youth with tearing down huts and using the materials block the secret door and create a bottleneck at the entrance to the farming cavern. The chief supervised moving of the gates.

20140824_203041.jpg The battle field.

The battle was fought using Battlesystem 1st edition rules..

20140824_203316.jpg The entrance cavern

Two pits were dug right inside the entrance with a flammable section behind to drive anyone toward the pits. Both the fire pit and the flaming oil were a source for pyrotechnics. 50 militia, led by Pinky stood behind the first gate at the exit to the wolf cavern. The remaining were held in reserve. The bugbears waited in silence behind the first wall. Darion and Theik stood on top of the wall. Juarez stood in reserve with the wolf riders at the entrance to the farming cavern. Urk was embedded in the veteran goblins being the second wall. Elric was hidden in the huts of the hunters in the entrance cavern with 30 goblin archers. The remaining archers were with the x the unknown, a goblin hero or with Darion on the wall.

As Deadeye ran into the cavern

The fateful rescue

After returning from the archmage’s castle, Pinkywas sent a message from the shaman of the Swift River Tribe They needed his help. The group made it to the a rope bridge that led to a very small village. Chief Speaks the Truth met them and asked for help recovering an expedition that traveled to the lost goblin city and was captured by the mind flayer’s troops. The young boy Timmy, States the Obvious and the gem of yagatek were among the losses.

The party agreed to help , only to find out that the village they stood in was a false village. The actual village was behind a secret door leading to a serious of large connected caverns. The village contained approx 250 female, elderly and children goblins, 100 young goblins, 250 male goblins, 100 wolves (40 as steeds) and a small tribe of 40 bugbears.

The party went to the ancient goblin city and located a old tower/prison near the walls of the city. Along with deadeye, a female hunter they snuck into the prison. The hobgoblin guards were killed and they escaped with several goblins (States included) and a dwarf captive. Urk tossed the prisoners to the wall and made the jump himself. Fleeing the battle horns and screeches of grimlocks, they fled the city to return to the hidden village.

After a celebration involving goblin wine and honorary titles’ Theik awoke to find himself in bed with a goblin female (at least an attractive one by goblin standards) . The village also found that the Village Armsmaster (and sub chieftain) was murdered in his bed. A short investigation by Theik Aurthawist and Pinky discovered that States, now under the control of the mind flayer’s domination, had killed him.

The party has rescued him before he could be released to fake an escape, return to the village and kill the leadership. This was to be the precursor to the a raid of the village by the masters of the “master”. The village had one week to prepare and the party was asked to help. Pinky asked for help and the preperations began.

The Aftermath 2
Part 2 of 2

The Party (minus Juarez) travelled to Telar, making it to the docks area before nightfall. Paying for two rooms at the Hammer’s Nest for a few days they prepared to enter the main town in the morning. The next morning, June 4th, Theik used two 100 GP gems and cast Identify on Darian’s ring (Ring of Protection +2) and the marble wand (Lesser Wand of Conjuration). Pinky stayed in the room while the rest of the party went into the city.

Theik and Elric found a barber in the main city. Theik shaved off his beard, dyed his hair and eyebrows and purchased new clothing. Both Elric and Theik changed their names to hide their identities. Theik was able to discover that one of the sages in Telar, Mishkin the Wise, was also a magic-user. Mishkin was afraid when asked if he was a mage, asking if Theik was a member of the Council of Mages. Theik convinced him to train him up to 4th level in exchange for Theik’s scroll of shatter. He began his training the next day.

Theik aurthawist
Theik before

Theik after

Darian made it to the main temple of Telar. It was dedicated to Raylia, the river goddess, but had shrines to most of the gods of the Seracian Church. There he spoke to one of the priests and offered the gilded statue of Fortuna to the temple. He also donated several platinum pieces to the goddess. The priest, recognizing that Darian was obviously a warrior, directed him to the Temple of Ares, home of the Brotherhood of the Spear and told him to ask for Braxalus.

When Darian arrived at the Temple of Ares/monastery of the Brotherhood of the Spear, he met Braxalus. He agreed to train Darian for a cost of 150 GP/week (for 2 weeks to reach 3rd level). Darian, short on cash, asked if there was any way he could reduce the cost. Braxalus said that he could prove his worth in battle he could train for less. He was to wrestle one of the Brotherhood, without weapons or armor. Darian agreed, removing his weapons and armor and entering into the training yard. A brother named Calderino, a large, heavily muscled man, strode into the yard to face him.

Calderino started the fight by kneeling down in praise of Ares. As he arose, he grabbed sand from the floor of the training yard and threw it into the face of his opponent. Darian was much too quick (easily making his save, with his 18 DEX being one of his primes). Calderino was strong, and a skilled wrestler. Darian, however, was much quicker and just as strong. He took the larger man to the ground repeatedly. While Darian maintained his grip on the brother, he was hit in the back of the head with a club, momentarily dazing him. Calderino was able to break free. He ran to a weapons rack and threw one of the training weapons at Darian, striking him. He then then bellowed the name of Ares and charged (casting the spell true strike). Despite the +4 to hit, he missed his attack roll, allowing Darian to strike him as he passed. Switching their tactics, both of the warriors began striking each other. Finally, Darian connected with a solid strike to Calderino’s jaw, dropping him.

Victorious, Darian was allowed to train for much less. Braxalus explained that the tactics of Calderino were simply part of the teachings of Ares. “In war, there are no rules. In battle, only victory matters. A warrior must be ready for anything.” The experience from the fight was enough to raise Darian to the status of Warrior (4th lvl fighter).
Urk went to the bazaar to find the temple of Shalla, the goddess of mercy and healing. The priests were busy helping the needy outside of the temple. Ishtar the Healer, head priest of the temple, offered to help Urk if he would cover the cost of the herbs to treat him. Urk purchased several herbs to cover the costs of his own healing. e also bought a arge amount of herbs to help heal others in need. According to Ishtar, the healing would take approximately a week, but Urk began feeling stronger after a few days. He also found a blacksmith, Wiskar Mutter. He was able to purchase from him the blacksmith’s master work, a silvered two-handed sword (at 3x normal cost). The blacksmith had some apparent orcish blood and it was clear that he was happy to sell the sword to another half-orc. After using all of his gold on the sword, he found himself in need of cash to make ends meet. He agreed to work for Mutter doing odd jobs to cover his expenses.

Elric was able to sell most of his loot. Elric, Theik and Pinky rented a room for a month above the tavern of the Broken Stallion. Urk and Darian rented an apartment near the bazaar. After several days of searching Elric found the Fellowship of the Crows in Telar. He met with Tem Bert, the Master Burglar, and had to pay a large fee for admission into the Crows as a cutpurse. He also began training to become a journeyman and was awaiting an assignment from Master Burglar Bert.

The Aftermath
Part 1 of 2

The passage out of the dungeons of Castle Brian led Elric and Theik to a path running between the Calahan river and eastern fortifications. They made their way west along the road back to the main gates of the town. Theik and Elric talked their way into town, although as a half-elf Elric had to pay 5 CP instead of 1 CP. After returning to the inn to fill in Darion and Pinky, Theik left the others to meet with Barraka in the local Tavern. Darion was unsuccessful in securing a horse or mule and carried the statue of Fortuna on his back.

Barraka laughed when Theik told him that he had killed Sir Roland. Barraka decided to trust Theik (who rolled VERY high) and explained that Sir Roland was the bastard son of the Baron. Sir Roland had hired him to kill Thomas Cumbran, his half-brother and Baron’s recognized heir. Sir Roland then decided to cut out Barraka and make a separate deal with the Tallen Wood Goblin Tribe. When Annmarie freed young Lord Thomas it made the Baron suspect that someone on the inside was involved. When the party brought back Marlena and the Baron found out that there were still goblins within the tower of Sir Memphis, he realized that it was Sir Roland who had captured is own half-brother. Barraka explained that the Baron striking Sir Roland in public was his way of telling Sir Roland he was aware of his crime.

Barraka went on to explain that by killing Sir Roland, Theik and Elric had done the Baron a favor. Although he undoubtedly loved his son, he had a duty to severely punish or even execute him. Killing a family member, as Sir Roland was planning on doing, was one of the most heinous of all acts. His death relieved the Baron of deciding what to do with him. The Baron also has had continuing problems with the elves of the Targallion forest. Since the King had granted him the title of the Earl of Targallion the elves have interfered with the Baron harvesting lumber and game. Since he could now blame the death of his Castellan and Sheriff on Elric, an elf, he would be able to declare war on the elves.

Barraka was also worried about Urk. When Theik explained that he was still in the castle, Barraka stated that he would get word to Urk and get him out of the castle. One of the Baron’s men let Urk out of the castle and told him “tell Barraka that we are even”. Urk met with the rest of the party who camped an hour outside of town.

Still in the castle, Juarez was awakened by the sound of yelling and arms within the castle. He was seized and taken before the Baron. The Baron threatened him and ordered him thrown into the dungeon. He was placed alone in a dark cell with two pans, one for food and one for “slops”. He was left alone to decide which was which.

During the night the remainder of the party was attacked by a large insect-like creature that burst up from the ground (ankheg). It grabbed Urk within its powerful grip, but he was able to escape. Darion, on watch inside a tree, fired several arrows into the creature. Elric ended the fight with a cry of “calgon!” and a random blast from his bubble wand resulted in a bubble forming inside the head of the monster, expanding until it exploded (roll of 99 – used 3 charges – save vs. death or die, else 5d4 damage). Urk collected some of the chitin of the ankheg to see if armor could be made.

The next morning Darion came back into town to find out what happened to Juarez. The whole village was at the gallows. The Baron made an impassioned call for war against the elves. The people, angered by the idea that someone would accept the hospitality of their lord and then kill a member of the household (a great wrong and an affront to the gods), cheered. The Baron then made a public call for his knights to raise their banners amd answer his call to fight the elves. Darion, Elric, Theik, and Pinky then left for Telar, leaving Juarez in the dungeons of Castle Brian.

The Geas is lifted!

Continuing in search of the Gem of Yagatuk the party continued the exploration of the dungeon levels underneath the ruined castle of the Archmage Balthazar. They found a storage room containing barrells of ale and wine. Strangely none of the barrels were taken by the kobold or orc patrols from other levels. Also in this room was another of the recesed platforms with the label “SL II” on the wall and a dial with several settings and a button{the ‘teleport’ platform).

After reaching the area indicated by Theik’s magic, they opened a room revealing a withered figure speaking to himself and holding a red gem, t he gem of Yagatek!!! As it approached the party Darion and Elric fired several arrows and Urk struck it with a sword to no effect. Theik’s magic missiles did cause it pain. When it moved to grab Urk, it stumbled and slipped on it’s robe and it reached out with his other hand (GM rolled ‘1’ to hit not once but twice.) Urk then leapt on top and kept the creature pinned until the others could tie him up. Urk and the others placed a desk from the room on top of him while Darion grabbed the gem and threw it to Theik.

The creature seemed confused and complained of hunger. A search of the room revealed a golden and silver statute of Fortuna the goddess of luck, some ivory dice in a silf bag, a smattering of treasure, and a deck of card. After searching the room, Juarez killed the creature with the enchanted mace he recovered from the orc leader Orcanus. When Theik held the gem a jumble of the thoughts inside his head. His mind struggled to make sense of it, but he was able to pull it together and was able to read the thoughts of the party.

The party found the tavern/gambling hall for the garrison. A search of the room found several pewter mugs and a wand behind the bar in a locked case, which Elric picked. Theik tested the wand in the corridor and found that it created a random effect, surrounding him with a protective bubble with fresh air and a comfortable temperature.

In a hurry to return the gem to the Swift Rvier tribe, the decision was made to immediately leave the dungeon. On the way back Urk and Pinky fell into a pit trap, and weer wounded. After climbing out of the pit the party made it back to their camp without incident. At the camp During the night Elric and States noticed a group of cyclopskin moving through the night. Elric screamed for the others to awaken which drew them to the camp. Urk called to them in Ogre. The monsters demanded treasure. Darion responded with an arrow to the leader. There was a brief battle in which Urk cleaved one of them in twain. Theik also attemped to use his bubble wand to attack which slowed them a great deal. Theik found himself surrounded by small bubbles rendering him invisible.

The next day was misearble as the party traelled through pouring rain to the warcamp of the Swift River Tribe. That night was cold and wet but otherwise quiet. TTheik had a restless sleep due to half remberered nightmares. Darion was alittle under he weather as they reached the goblin warcamp. The party was given a hero’s welcome. The gem was given to the cheif and was immediately given to the young boy


A new Beginning
The story so far

Insert beginning info here

A New Beginning
The story so far

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